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Often times when typing, we want to use special characters, and we have to stop and search for the key strokes to get that little booger in place. I’m often writing things for the best birthday party magician in Allen TX and I got tired of doing that searching, so, here are the results of my personal tastes in special characters:

¹ Alt+0185 Superscript One
² Alt+0178 Superscript Two
³ Alt+0179 Superscript Three
° Alt+0176 Degree
© Alt+0169 Copyright
® Alt+0174 Registered
¼ Alt+0188 Fraction ¼
½ Alt+0189 Fraction ½
¾ Alt+0190 Fraction ¾
Alt+0137 Per Mile Sign
Alt+0153 Trade Mark
¢ Alt+0162 Cents
ñ Alt+0241 Enya
Alt+0151 emdash

Of course, these keyboard strokes are for PC’s and not macs.

Now you can properly identify corporate slogans and trademarks with the appropriate symbol ™!

And when my magician friend does his magic shows, I can properly identify his Sweet 16 & Quinceañera parties.

One of my tricks for speeding up the typing is to have a separate open window of words I want to cut and paste. This keeps my thoughts flowing without hindrance due to  my limited typing speed. So I can have ideas, paste them for use later, and when the time comes to put those thoughts on print, cut from my idea page and paste to the actual published work. Voila! Instant idea transfer.

Now using these methods gets me speed for passing information. This information should be of some value to help you get your ideas out there quickly. If you watch the AT&T 4G commercials, you know that some things on the internet are so 27 seconds ago. Go out there and get to publishing quickly. I don’t want yesterday’s news today.

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