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Online Marketing for Entertainers

Online marketing for entertainers, first three steps.

A look at marketing methods on the internet, and how to use them successfully

There is a lot of confusion today about using the internet for marketing. For the most successful entertainers, their use of social media, search engines and online reputation management is generally handled by publicity firms or other professional internet marketing companies. Just because you are a smaller, more localized entertainer does not mean you can’t do internet marketing. Smaller and more localized means you need to have a more astute understanding of how you use online marketing.

One of the first things I am asked by the new online marketer is “where do I start?” I usually say, “Give me a lot of cash and I’ll do it for you.” This tactic doesn’t actually work, and it’s not actually very funny. Guess I should give up on that one. Okay, so I fail in comedy, let’s make it up on online marketing savvy.

Local Google+ Page

First step:  create a Local Google+ Page for your business.

From the Google+ support page:

Creating and editing your page

Facebook fan page or business page

Second step: create a fan page or business page for your business/personality on Facebook.

This page will be different or separate from your personal page. You can mix business and personal, but you will probably regret not segmenting your truly personal friends from your fans/clients later. With your family and friends you can post hilarious pictures from your recent vacation, with potential clients and customers, it might be more business-like to avoid them seeing into your personal life.

Yelp, Insider Pages, Kudzu

Third step: create and monitor/maintain business listings on these review sites.

There are other review sites that you should do this with also. While I’ve only mentioned these three, you may know more and thus give you a heads up on the competition.

Obviously there are many more steps in developing and running a sophisticated online marketing program. While these three steps will get you started, you can find a lot of information online or at your local library. There are many general marketing and online marketing books available. And of course, you can always engage a professional, like Jason Moran, from,  who recently  presented a lecture to the magic clubs on online marketing and search engine optimization.

About the author:

Derrel Allen is an automation technical advisor for a Fortune 100 company, a magician, and father of 4.

Updated: April 29, 2015 — 2:25 am
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