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Most everyone loves a good party. How do you make sure you host a good party? In real estate, they say success is “location, location, location”. In partying it’s “people, people, people.” In real estate, not all homes are located on the choice spot. And in partying, you have to make considerations for the people.

Let’s consider that you are going to have a party of 45 or more guests. That’s a considerable sized party. Even if it is just friends and co-workers, and everyone expects to bring extras to make the party better, you need to have some control. If you aren’t hiring a party planner, you have to do these few steps to ensure your party is great, and that your friends and co-workers have a spectacular time, and are safe.

Have the menu professionally prepared.

With such a substantial number of mouths to feed, it is very trying to ensure food safety, and quality in a home environment. Caterers and restaurants are well prepared for making large batches of delicious food and have it ready in time for your party. Additionally, see if the restaurant has a staff member that will serve and clean up. It will be well worth the price to keep your place tidy and organized.

Hire a bartender.

Everyone considers that they are a bartender. Even worse is when you as host allow your co-workers to tend bar. Who sets limits? Do you have any idea what the financial and not to mention the mental cost of allowing someone to over drink and then get involved in a collision? A hired bartender can keep this under control and assure your guests have professionally made drinks.

Hire a dj/kj for dancing or singing.

A professional in control of the music will make sure the music hog that wants to play or sing only their kind of music won’t ruin your party for all the others.

Have professional entertainment

A magician, mentalist, psychic, fortune teller, black jack dealer or any of a number of entertainment choices will make sure your guests can find something to enjoy and share with the other guests. Don’t over do it, though. One entertainer with the appropriate music entertainment should be enough.

About the Author

Derrel Allen is a professional magician in Dallas. More information about The Magic of MrGoodfriend can be found at his facebook page.

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