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Ever heard of email marketing? I’m sure you do hear it from time to time. Technology has shrouded every corner of business industries nowadays. And email marketing is one of technologies ways of showing us how easy our life can get if we keep on innovating and improving it.

There are reasons why email marketing is very popular nowadays:

It’s Affordable. In fact when it comes to this method, you almost don’t have to spend at all. All you have to do is to send out emails and that is it.

Measurable. All you have to do is to be observant and curious for you to be able to see which method works best.

Easy and Familiar. You won’t have to take any tutorials to be able to do email marketing.

Efficient. It definitely works.

Along with the reasons why email marketing is being used, there is also a modern must-do when it comes to this strategy for 2015 which are as follows:

1. Button Up. Check the latest tools in measurement to be able to assess and fix lagging results and also to enhance success. This is the beauty of email marketing. It is very measurable.

2. Get the Picture. Be creative and add pictures and videos in your emails to increase the click rates. It makes the email more enticing because people are into visual stuff when it comes to dealing with technology nowadays.

3. Hit the Road. Make use of your mobile device to track and to be on top of your market. Smart phones are already in the now so you can make use of these to be able to check the latest updates about your market and be able to post and send more to your prospects. You can also make use of your mobile device to record things that would help you in your email marketing venture.

4. Boost the Open Rates. Make sure that your emails stand out. This way you will be able to have a higher open rate which means you win in the battle against other email marketers in the inbox of the client. You should make your email customer centric and not something that will only sound selfish to the ears of your customers.

5. Be Recognized. Be sure to make your emails uniformed and keep in mind that the customers should be able to recognize that the email came from you once they open their inboxes. This is the demand of the battle in the inbox of your clients.

6. Click- You’re Engaged. Once the customer clicks through the links in your email, it automatically means that they are interested and you will have to call them immediately to follow up. Make sure that you won’t miss a beat and that you will do everything you can to not only win their attention, but also their interest.

7. Harness the Audience with RSS. Secure yourself with regular RSS updates. So that you can be more effective when connecting with the clients.

These are some of the ways that would help you improve your email marketing skills and for your business to grow more online and for you to be able to grasp that success that you have been aiming for.

Updated: May 28, 2015 — 4:22 am
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